Specialist CNC Routing, Laser Cutting and Large Format Digital Imaging.

Imaging Direct to Rigid Substrates

We have state of the art Flatbed Imaging, up to 2.5 x 1.25 metres and up to 40mm thick.

Imaging Direct to reverse of Acrylic

We can image directly to most rigid substrates, the vibrance of colour is stunning.

As explained earlier the White Ink option allows us to print just white onto any colour material or image any colour. When we image a colour to any dark background material, white goes down ahead of the CMYK, effectively imaging the CMYK onto a white background.

This maintains the absolute vibrancy of the four-colour process. White can be selected to any area behind the 4 colour image, or it can be selected to image as direct white only. This flexibility provides for a massive range of solutions which would not necessarily be available to standard vinyl applications.

It also removes the need for additional handling processes.

We image for many sectors onto a whole range of materials, allowing our customers to extend their creative propositions. Examples include imaging direct to OSB Board, Solid Woods, Ply-Wood, MDF, Aluminium. This is in addition to the standard range of rigid materials such as Acrylic, Foamex, Correx, Glass etc.

Just think, any image on any letter. As an example, we can flood an image across whole sheets of 19mm Foamex, then CNC Cut all letters resulting in bespoke imaged letters. This could equally be flat colours of any choice.

Given our CNC Facilities we can virtually cut to shape anything and then image onto it or vice versa. This provides extensive opportunities.

Multiple signs for internal or external can be ‘Planned Up’, imaged to any Rigid then CNC Cut down to singles.

Most of these solutions are possible due to the power of the White Ink as a colour. There are a host of examples on this page, the possibilities are endless.

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