Specialist CNC Routing, Laser Cutting and Large Format Digital Imaging.

5 Colours Including White

For both processes of Imaging Direct to Rigid Media on the Flat Bed also imaging via our Roll Media Option we can image CMYK with the additional power of White Ink.

Some bespoke treatments can also include texture to the imaged surface.

Providing extensive Creative Imaging Capabilities. Anything is possible giving a massive range of solutions for imaging to Rigid and flexible Roll Media materials. The main benefit is we can image onto much darker surfaces whilst maintaining the vibrancy of the CMYK full-colour process, effectively always able to image directly onto a white base as the CMYK follows the white as part of a complete process. In addition to being able to image white on its own to any material.

This removes most constraints vinyl-only without White Ink gives. No need to image, then apply, back with white if on acrylic, trim and the additional need to maybe contour cut/apply white vinyl lettering to clear vinyl… cumbersome and restrictive!!

The quality of our imaging is sensational with excellent colour calibration.

Look at all our categories and these will demonstrate how extensive our range of Large Format Digital Imaging capabilities can be.

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